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As the market, its products, and its consumers are evolving day by day. Similarly, the marketing strategies are also changing accordingly. With new competition coming in the field every day, only those brands can survive that adapt to the changing market, improvise their marketing techniques, and overcome any drawbacks that they may have in them.

The issue with conventional marketing was that the producer would never know how much impact their advertisement created on the audience and which advertisement converted more viewers into potential customers.

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What are the benefits of Performance-based marketing?

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Tracking performance

with the help of SEO Tech Experts, you can keep track of your Performance easily using various data analysing tools designed especially for the purpose. These tools record and analyse the actions taken to give a comprehensive insight into the campaign.

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The risk factor is low

At SEO Tech Experts, we make sure to run a particular campaign for a very short period to check its efficiency and change or modify it as required. This reduces the risk factor greatly because no major loss will be incurred even if a strategy fails, and a more efficient strategy can quickly replace it.

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Focus on ROI

The best thing about performance marketing is that it focuses on the end goal. For example, performance marketing is not centred around putting an ad to display, but its effectiveness can be measured by any one of the following parameters- The number of times the advertisement is shown to the audience, the number of times the ad is clicked or interacted with, how many subscriptions were added through the ad so on and so forth.... Read More Read Less


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1. Determination of the Campaign goal:

To measure the success of any campaign, you need to first determine what goal you are planning to achieve. SEO Tech Experts understands the project and the person to develop a strategy that is just by your needs.

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2. Choosing a Digital channel:

In performance marketing, it is very important to choose the right digital channel(s) to target a larger group audience.

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3. Creation and launching of the campaign:

Once you have the technical part sorted, you need to focus on the advertising part. This part includes creating the ad, identifying the target audience, planning out how to grab the presidential, and understanding the needs of the audience. Once all this is created, you can launch the ad on the desired digital platform.

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4. Trace the Performance:

At SEO Tech Experts, we keep a record of all the actions taken as per your Performance criteria- be it ad interaction, file downloads, or any target that you have chosen for the campaign.

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5. Improvise:

The results concluded after tracing the Performance give a very deep insight concerning your campaign progress. This means that you get to know in detail exactly where the faults are (if there are any). This helps you work on a weakness to enhance general productivity and growth.

How is performance marketing different from digital marketing?

There is not much difference between performance marketing and digital marketing; in fact, performance marketing can be considered digital marketing. The basic difference is that in digital marketing, the price is paid for optimizing the website, whereas in performance marketing, the price is paid per unit result.

How is performance marketing different from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a branch of performance marketing. Affiliate marketing is a sales performance strategy to boost product or service sales by promoting them in an affiliate network.

Why is performance marketing so beneficial?

A performance marketing agency India like SEO Tech Experts gives you many performances optimization tools that gather data for your campaign. This ensures that you get the insights into your campaigns that will help you optimize your plans more effectively. You will know exactly which area needs improvement and where you are doing well.

What are KPIs?

KPIs or key performance indicators are those set parameters that measure the Performance of the campaign. Some major KPIs are- CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per appointment), CPS (cost per sale), etc.

How is performance marketing different from conventional marketing?

Performance marketing agency India like SEO Tech Experts is a completely regulated approach towards marketing. As opposed to the conventional methods where the client pays for a particular spot of advertisement without even knowing whether that is affecting his audience or not, performance marketing is, in fact, performance-based. You can even understand your audience and their behaviour patterns better.

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