Why do we Overcomplicate Link Building?

It varies person to person, for some it is not complicated at all whereas for some it is really very tough. And it totally depends upon the strategy that the person is using.

Well, link building is just a simple concept whereas campaign execution is complicated. It takes a lot of time to find a good site and sometimes it take more than one day for the research. And it becomes really tough to develop a relationship that can be highly frustrating. It has observed that the “relationship” part of linking may be the most difficult part of search engine optimization (SEO) because it requires the cooperation of other people, otherwise it is good for nothing. One cannot sit ideally to get the link building result, one has to work hard or come up with new ideas in accordance with the industries, be it content or any other option, then only one can create the link building.It is a simple process but sometimes, people complicate it. If people do not complicate it then anyone can do it easily.

So why people overcomplicate link building?

When people fail and faces at lot of problem in online marketing then the process of link building gets complicated. And it is also because some of us really can’t build links without using tools, scrapers, spreadsheets and email blasts. People need not to determine the metrics, perform hours of analysis or use fancy tools for a good link building, however professionals must pay attention in analyzing the website and find whether the link would be a good fit there or not. To avoid the complication in link building process, it is important to pay attention on all types of link building and find the best method for yourself.

There are 5 Types of Link Building

  • Traffic Generating Links – This kind of link building enables the professional to expose the website on higher traffic pages in hopes to get the referral visits.
  • SERP Elevating Links- To get good SERP elevating links one must practice article marketing, directory submissions, blog commenting on relevant dofollow blogs, commenting on guest blog posting with your anchor text link, forum signatures and organic links from relevant pages, etc.
  • PageRank Boosting Links- PageRank is built by getting dofollow links from relevant pages. The higher the PR of the page your link will be, the more it will count towards boosting your PageRank.
  • Reputation Building Links – Reputation links can be built by creating social profiles, blog commeting using your name as anchor text, adding your social profiles to relevant directories.
  • Backlinks for Your Backlinks- It is important to have backlinks for the backlinks that you have created in past practices of link building.

Other than these broken link building is there is can be very difficult from any other kind of link building as it comprises of a number of processes and tools are required to perform diverse tactics for this link building:

  • Use a tool to find the broken links.
  • Contact the webmaster, propose a different link
  • Thank her/him when he uses your link.
  • Done and dusted.

There are a number of Link building problems that people faces which include low quality directories, low relevance guest post, less accurate infographics, paid guest posts, doorway pages, international sites, blog carnivals and last but not the least poor quality content.

With each of these problems, people fail many times to create a healthy Link building for better performance therefore it is important to know the right way of link building to avoid such problems.

Guide Required for Right Link Building

Advanced Link Building Tips and Tricks
  • Speed up link prospecting with lists
  • Find bloggers using Followerwonk
  • Get more links from your infographics
  • Local Business Citations
  • Building Links from Trusted Sites
  • Scoop.it
  • List.ly
  • Link Building with Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Link Building with Question-based Sites
  • Blog Commenting to Gain Back Links

These tips will help the professionals to perform the right link building, but only when the professional uses each strategy in the right way else complication will definitely occur and it will spoil entire effort of the professionals.

So, professionals who are getting trouble in link building, they need to understand diverse types of link building as well as right way of building the new links. A number of strategies are available online through which people can practice the link building without any complication.

Content should be properly optimized and it usually gives the best SEO results. It’s very important to use the right anchor text’s while you’re interlinking or doing a link building activities. That said, you have to have a proper anchor text strategy to ensure that your content is SEO friendly and to get the best results in your rankings.

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